Keep Your Engine Clean With These Tips

Our team at Gauthier Chrysler Dodge RAM Jeep shares a goal to keep our Winnipeg consumers behind the wheel of reliable vehicles, and we also make an effort to provide our customers with tips about how to care for their vehicles. An engine should be cleaned every year or two for optimal performance, but how do you clean your engine? Let's lean below.

Try to choose a day that is warm with low humidity, and a light breeze can be helpful because it can help dry the engine faster. If your vehicle was recently running, be sure to let it cool before you begin. Wait at least 15 minutes to avoid burns.

Begin by removing any plastic components that are under the hood, and you can remove the battery if you choose. You should cover electrical components with plastic bags, and then spray the engine with a degreaser. A synthetic brush can be used to removed caked-on oil and dirt. You can dry the engine with compressed air or a towel.



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