Recharging a Drained Car Battery with a Portable Charger

We are invested in your ability to drive safely around Winnipeg at Gauthier Chrysler Dodge RAM Jeep. With this blog, we cover safe auto operation subjects. Today, let's learn how to safely charge a car's battery using a portable charger.

If you keep a portable charger in your vehicle's trunk, you can quickly address finding your car's battery surprisingly drained. Using a portable charger is a better solution than asking strangers for a jump start. All portable chargers have a red cable and a black cable, and your car's battery has a positive terminal and a negative terminal. To determine the positive terminal, look for a plus symbol.

Connect your charger's red cable to your battery's positive terminal. Next, connect the black cable to the negative terminal. Now, turn on your charger. Within several minutes, your car's battery should be charged enough to start your car. If your battery cannot start your car after following the above process, then you probably need to replace it.



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