With that their futuristic designs, electric power cars always seem tied down to a strictly urban environment. Yet they are beginning to make a name for themselves off-road as well. In this article, we explore what can be done with electric power for the off-road.

Like any car enthusiast, I heard about the astonishing achievements in electric vehicle technology. When I found out that the fastest-accelerating production car is electric, the Tesla Model S, I couldn’t help but wonder what other improvements the automotive industry would bring.

Top speed and acceleration are very important factors for a lot of people and I can see why. For me as an off-road enthusiast, it was about the adventure outside the city's concrete that mattered more.

That is why I was glued to the hype surrounding the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xE, Jeep’s very first PHEV “Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle”, that was released in March 2021. I wanted to see what this new technology can bring to off-road adventure! The wait was worth it since, in my opinion, Jeep delivered big time.

What did Electric power bring for the off-road?

470-Lb/ft of instant torque, which is a plentiful amount to go around. Paired with the 375-Horsepower hybrid engine, makes the Wrangler 4xE very versatile and powerful in terms of varied terrain crossing. Its hybrid modes harness torque from both the 2.0L Turbocharged engine and the electric motors to deliver this performance. The 4XE is the quickest production wrangler ever offered!

But the cherry on top brought forth by this hybrid model is the possibility to set a speed off-road cruise control, that goes up to 5 mph for slow off-road driving. This option alongside the silent aspect of hybrids allows for extra serenity when on the trail. When all you want really is to enjoy the scenery and the company of those around you. 

Aren't you tied down to places with chargers?

With an all-electric range of 34 km and a total range of 595 km. This Wrangler brings no range anxiety or dependence on the charging stations. Especially since you can charge it at home with its level 1 (120-volt) complementary charger. So you can roam freely and know for sure that you are driving a vehicle equipped perfectly for both on-road and off-road experiences.

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